Our Brand

16 years ago, we started out in the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles. Through the phases of our brand’s transformation, our principle remains unchanged. At Coobie, we value the integrity behind our products. This is why we keep everything in-house. Rather than outsourcing the production, we established our own manufacturing complex. This gives us the benefit of overseeing the entire process from start to finish. Having total control over the quality of our product guarantees its optimal comfort and fit.

Unmatched Pricing

Coobie has been an international wholesaler for over a decade since its inception. With millions of pieces distributed every month, we are able to continuously streamline our business. We then pass the acquired cost-savings onto our retail customers in the form of unmatched product pricing. No other brand at our price range comes close to offering the quality that we do.

Our Future

We continue to actively work with our consumer base to refine our product and look forward to any challenges the future may present. One thing is for sure, Coobie will continue to uphold the values that endeared the brand to women worldwide: uncompromising quality at an unrivaled price.