Lee Allison


In 1994, Lee Allison got the crazy idea that he wanted to create his own line of neckties. Armed with a baker’s dozen of original designs, he found two silk mills, one in England, the other in Switzerland, both willing to take a chance on the young man with no experience but fresh ideas.

The Lee Allison Company was officially launched from a Chicago brownstone in the spring of 1995. From the beginning, Lee Allison neckties (or four-in-hands as he prefers to call them) were always a little bit different, whimsical but sophisticated, and of the highest quality. The difference was that Lee actually designed his own fabric rather than simply buy what the silk mills had for sale. Of the original 13 designs, 11 had themes, two did not. Later that year, the collection was bought by Barneys New York, and The Lee Allison Company was on its way.

The business has since moved to a 4,500 square foot loft/studio in the Bucktown area of Chicago, where it remains today.

Over time, the Company’s offerings have grown to include bowties, cummerbund sets, formal vests, pocket squares, the occasional pillow, and suspenders (braces, for you Anglophiles). And in 2002, the Company added a line of fine cotton dress shirts, its first non-silk offering.

Lee Allison products are sold here at this website, through our catalogue, and in better specialty stores throughout the United States, and to a very limited degree abroad. Please see our list of retailers for a store near you.

Lee Allison ties