Long Wharf Supply


Growing up salty

I grew up a salty, sandy, fish & lobster-loving beach baby. My restlessness and sense of adventure always led me to getting lost, getting found, and discovering new things everywhere in between.

Rugged aesthetics

After school, I moved to New York City and quickly found myself living for the weekends. I dragged my gear to the office countless times in hopes of catching an early train to the beach or the boat. Over the years, I found myself searching for goods that were simple and functional, but were also rugged enough to withstand my travels and outdoor adventures.

Sustainably minded

After spending years on the water, I was deeply affected by how much plastic and waste we would pull from the ocean. So we set out to develop high quality and timeless goods that promote the use of recycled materials. Every piece we make helps to reseed coastal oyster reefs that naturally filter seawater in the places we care about most. With this ongoing effort we hope to reduce waste, change the narrative, and help clean up our inshore waterways for the next generation.

Our Namesake

In July of 1795 after Boston's historic deep-water landing, Long Wharf, saw the arrival of royal governors, pirates, and British troops, a young New Englander cast off across the Atlantic on a merchant tall ship. After exploring foreign cultures and the production of fine goods for over a year, he returned home to set up a retail shop on Long Wharf. Inspired by his journey, he founded several mills that would drive imports and exports in America during the 1800s.

Those mills employed hard-working men and women throughout the 1900s, when our great-grandfather became a wool sorter and helped produce some of the highest quality textiles in the world.